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app lori

A CLI utility that receives emails from SMTP and sends them to SendGrid

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This is a simple SMTP server that receives mails and send it to SendGrid.

An improved version might include different incoming protocols and different outgoing integrations.

Note that SendGrid already supports receiving messages from SMTP, but I didn't find it before writing this app.

The format for sending an email through SMTP to SendGrid is as below:


How to install it?

Using cargo

cargo install lori

Download compiled binary

You can download the latest release from the releases page for your platform.


docker run -p 2525:2525 -e SENDGRID_API_KEY=your-api-key meysam81/lori

How to use it?

export SENDGRID_API_KEY=your-api-key
lori  # listening on localhost:2525


  • The docker image is stopped after processing the first email!


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