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nightly llvmint

Bindings to (almost) all LLVM intrinsics, for all platforms

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0.0.3 Apr 3, 2017
0.0.2 Jan 20, 2015
0.0.1 Jan 19, 2015

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Raw Rust bindings to (essentially) all LLVM intrinsics. This library does little to protect you against using intrinsics on platforms they don't support and generally doesn't do any error checking.

The bindings in this lib are autogenerated from the LLVM sources, so LLVM crashes caused by using it are likely to be due to misuses or insufficiently specific target-cpu/target-feature directives rather than the library itself (although it is of course possible for the library to have bugs too).

This is highly experimental and currently just pins to whatever version of LLVM works for me. I'll look into better versioning more seriously if rustc starts sticking to released versions of LLVM, and once I'm more happy with the experimentation.


To (re)create the table of intrinsics allintrinsics.td:

# directory containing a rust-lang/rust checkout
cat ${RUST}/src/llvm/include/llvm/IR/Intrinsics*.td > allintrinsics.td

To recreate the library file:

cd generator
cargo build --release
./target/release/generator < ../allintrinsics.td > ../src/lib.rs

Why not a build script? Partly because I haven't written one, partly because I don't want to require users to have access to the info necessary from LLVM, so just checking the output into VC is easy.