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Simple terminal file manager

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Simple terminal file manager

WIP, extremely rough. I would not recommend using this until it's 1.0.0.


Almost no features. Think more like noice than ranger.

  • Current keybinds:

    • hjkl: navigation
    • q quit
    • G jump to bottom
    • g jump to top
  • None of these are planned features:

    • Themes
    • Built-in shell execution
    • Config files
    • Multiple panes (use screen or tmux)
    • System information
    • Windows support
  • But these are:

    • Handle files in their default apps (xdg-open)
    • Make scrolling work (currently doesn't re-draw when you go below or above the current screen)
    • Planned keybinds (mostly not implemented yet):
      • l should open a file, if not a directory (XDG_OPEN, spawn new terminal?)
      • d cut a file/directory
      • y yank (copy) a file/directory
      • p put
      • x delete
      • / search (smartcase) (should filter results, not navigate between matches)
      • . toggle hidden files visibility (true by default)
      • space select multiple items
      • s drop to a shell (on exit, should return to lll)

Other options

  • ranger (Python) is the gold standard. It's got every feature under the sun, and is not always fast.
  • hunter and joshuto are ranger clones in Rust. joshuto is pretty good! I haven't tried hunter because it requires more packages than I want to install.
  • nnn, noice, and rover are relatively small and written in C. I like them! But I don't like C.
  • fff is also fun, but it's written in Bash, and I wanted something both fast and maintainable.
  • lf (Go) is very good. Like ranger minus a bunch of stuff I never use. I should really get better at Go.
  • marcos (Rust) is rough, but I'm using some code from it (MIT, Hitesh Paul).



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