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ringbuffer for dynamic sized u8-elements

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LineBuffer - ringbuffer but for elements of different sizes

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This crate is specifically for the following use case:

  • high throughput of data
  • infrequent read of entries or the whole buffer
  • entries are distinguishable arrays of bytes
  • data has dynamic size
  • numbering is infinite

You can use it for example to buffer the stdout of a process per line.
It allows setting the amount of last lines to store and the size of bytes before wrapping.


use linebuffer::{typenum, LineBuffer};

// create a buffer of max 2048 entries/lines and 512KB data cache
// with the additional flag type ()
let mut buffer: LineBuffer<(), typenum::U2048> = LineBuffer::new(512_000);

let data = String::from("Some data stuff");
assert_eq!(buffer.get(0),Some((data.as_bytes(), &())));