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A library for implementing a Lightning signer, which externalizes and secures cryptographic operations

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Rust Lightning Signer

Please see the Rust Lightning Signer Project Overview for more information.

Starting the gRPC server

The gRPC server is a reference implementation of a signer which listens for requests from the node and from the admin CLI over gRPC.

It can be started via:

cargo run --bin server

The server will persist it's state to .lightning-signer in the current directory.

Using the admin CLI

Assuming the server is running (see above), the admin CLI can be invoked as follows:

cargo run --bin client -- [ARGUMENTS]

For example, to get help, run:

cargo run --bin client -- help`

Here is an example session:

# this outputs the new mnemonic phrase to stderr
node_id=$(cargo run --bin client -- node new)

# alternatively, supply the mnemonic phrase on stdin
# cargo run --bin client -- node new --mnemonic

# insert an address into the allowlist
cargo run --bin client -- -n $node_id allowlist add tb1qhetd7l0rv6kca6wvmt25ax5ej05eaat9q29z7z
cargo run --bin client -- -n $node_id allowlist list

channel_id=$(cargo run --bin client -- channel new -n $node_id)
cargo run --bin client -- channel list -n $node_id

Development Information

Formatting Code

For some reason, the ignore configuration for rustfmt is only available on the nightly channel, even though it's documented as stable.

rustup install nightly

cargo +nightly fmt

Building Rust Lightning Signer

cargo build

or if you want to disable grpc (grpc is the only default feature):

cargo build --no-default-features

Running Unit Tests

cargo test

To enable logging for a failing test (adjust log level to preference):

RUST_LOG=trace cargo test

Running the Server

cargo run --bin server

Using kcov for Code Coverage


sudo dnf install -y elfutils-devel
sudo dnf install -y curl-devel
sudo dnf install -y binutils-devel

Build v38 of kcov from git@github.com:SimonKagstrom/kcov.git .

More dependencies:

cargo install cargo-kcov
cargo install cargo-coverage-annotations

Run coverage:


View Coverage Report:



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