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A crate for pro-level licenses

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Pro-Level Licenses

Obligatory: Based on this because the two other people who implemented it in Rust didn't do it very well.

Example in docs!

Why you should use this crate:

  • It provides short licenses
  • Easily block shared licenses with the remote blocker
  • Completely offline

Alternatives to this crate:

  • If your app is already expected to have some sort of internet connection, just use a remote license checker or account system.
  • Digital signatures (I recommend edDSA). It will give longer licenses probably better suited for copy and paste as well as making it impossible to even partially forge a license. Still doesn't check if a license has been used more than once.

Example license: BWQq-RQNa-kDp6-mJn8-SSEh-UStw-p9+q-krw1-KDH4-mw

For extra security obfuscate your binary!

You can generate licenses easily on the command line using our license generator


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