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no-std libzbase32

An implementation of the z-base-32 format for Rust. This implementation is no_std compatible.

4 stable releases

2.0.1 Nov 24, 2021
1.1.0 Nov 16, 2021
1.0.0 Nov 3, 2021

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libzbase32 is a no_std compatible crate that supports encoding and decoding data in the z-base-32 format, as specified here.

Z-base-32 is intended to be easier for a human to work with than regular Base32 specified by RFC 4658.

Some of the key differences:

  • Z-base-32 a different alphabet ("ybndrfg8ejkmcpqxot1uwisza345h769") which consists of all lower-case letters (this library will accept lower-case or uppercase letters when decoding). The alphabet was chosen to make easier to use character appear more frequently in the output.

  • Z-base-32 that the parties encoding and decoding z-base-32 values have some mechanism to agree on the length of the data. z-base-32 never includes padding characters (eg: "=") in order to keep the representation more compact.

  • With Z-base-32, data lengths are specified in bits. This allows for more compact encodings. For example, in z-base-32, a 5 bit value can be encoded into a single character; while base32 would produce an 8 character encoded value (of which 6 characters are padding bytes).


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