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Library VMM

Experimenting with building library VMM in Rust. Unclear what this will turn out to be.


New to Rust?!

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Installing project dependencies

$ ./scripts/install-deps
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How to run the unit tests

$ cd src/testing
$ make


  • Basic VMCS handling support.
  • Add a first unit test.
  • Add basic EPT page table handling.
  • Add support for managing MSR and IO bitmaps.
  • Add support for skipping instructions.
  • VMLaunch/VMResume support.
  • Add basic VMCS validation code.
  • Port kvm-unit-tests tests.
  • Port KVM kernel selftests.
  • Add NMI support.
  • Add support for SGX virtualization.
  • Add processor craziness mitigations for speculation attacks.
  • Add MCE handling.
  • Add support for VPID.
  • MONITOR & MWAIT + APERF/MPERF emulation.
  • Add CPUID emulation.
  • Add PLE support.
  • Add TSC scaling support.
  • Add VMCS shadowing support.
  • Add preemption timer support.
  • Add PML support.
  • Instruction emulation.
  • Create a library OS to use it for testing.
  • Add support for request-interrupt-window.
  • Add support for Interrupt on entry settings.
  • Add support for managing IOMMU page tables.
  • Add support for hardware posted interrupt.
  • Add support for APICv.
  • Add support for SVM.
  • Add better support for non-root guest mode code.
  • Extend the VMCS validation checks in (${}/src/x86_64/instructions/vmcs.rs).
    • 26.2 VMX controls and host state.
      • 26.2.1 VMX controls.
        • VM Exit control validation.
        • VM Entry control validation.
      • 26.2.2 Host controls and MSRs.
      • 26.2.3 Host segment and descriptor tables.
      • 26.2.4 Address space size.
    • 26.3 Guest state.


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