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SQL parser (as understood by SQLite) (libsql fork)

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LEMON parser generator modified to generate Rust code.

Lemon source and SQLite3 grammar were last synced as of May 2022.


Unsupported Grammar syntax

  • %token_destructor: Code to execute to destroy token data
  • %default_destructor: Code for the default non-terminal destructor
  • %destructor: Code which executes whenever this symbol is popped from the stack during error processing

https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1056460/Generating-a-High-Speed-Parser-Part-Lemon https://www.sqlite.org/lemon.html


SQLite lexer and SQLite parser have been ported from C to Rust. The parser generates an AST.


  • Keep track of position (line, column).
  • Streamable (stop at the end of statement).
  • Resumable (restart after the end of statement).

Lexer and parser have been tested with the following scripts:


Unsupported by Rust

  • #line directive

API change

  • No ParseAlloc/ParseFree anymore

Features not tested


To be fixed

  • RHS are moved. Maybe it is not a problem if they are always used once. Just add a check in lemon...
  • %extra_argument is not supported.
  • Terminal symbols generated by lemon should be dumped in a specified file.

Raison d'être

  • lemon_rust does the same thing but with an old version of lemon. And it seems not possible to use yystack as a stack because items may be access randomly and the top+1 item can be used.

  • lalrpop would be the perfect alternative but it does not support fallback/streaming (see this issue) and compilation/generation is slow.


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