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An idiomatic high-level interface to the libsignal-protocol-c crate

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A Rust interface to the Signal Protocol.


The simplest thing you can do with this library is generate a private identity key. This is normally only ever done once when you first start (sometimes called install time).

// create our global context (for things like crypto and locking)
let ctx = Context::default();

let identity = libsignal_protocol::generate_identity_key_pair(&ctx)?;

Next, you'll normally want to generate a bunch of unsigned pre-keys which people can use when contacting you, and one signed pre-key.

let ctx = Context::default();

let identity = libsignal_protocol::generate_identity_key_pair(&ctx)?;

let signed_pre_key = libsignal_protocol::generate_signed_pre_key(

let start = 123;
let count = 20;

let pre_keys = libsignal_protocol::generate_pre_keys(&ctx, start, count)?

A Registration ID should also be created at install time.

let ctx = Context::default();
let extended_range = 42;

let registration_id = libsignal_protocol::generate_registration_id(&ctx, extended_range)?;

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