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Comparison of kad implementations between rust-libp2p and go-libp2p:

Kbuckets, AKA. routing table


  • buckets are expanded on demand

  • no multiaddr, depends on peerstore

  • insertion:

    • initialization, to fill kbuckets with all connected peers
    • fix low peers
    • when a remote peer is sending RPC to us
    • when we iteratively query a remote peer successfully

    // TryAddPeer tries to add a peer to the Routing table. // If the peer ALREADY exists in the Routing Table and has been queried before, this call is a no-op. // If the peer ALREADY exists in the Routing Table but hasn't been queried before, we set it's LastUsefulAt value to // the current time. This needs to done because we don't mark peers as "Useful"(by setting the LastUsefulAt value) // when we first connect to them. // // If the peer is a queryPeer i.e. we queried it or it queried us, we set the LastSuccessfulOutboundQuery to the current time. // If the peer is just a peer that we connect to/it connected to us without any DHT query, we consider it as having // no LastSuccessfulOutboundQuery. // // // If the logical bucket to which the peer belongs is full and it's not the last bucket, we try to replace an existing peer // whose LastSuccessfulOutboundQuery is above the maximum allowed threshold in that bucket with the new peer. // If no such peer exists in that bucket, we do NOT add the peer to the Routing Table and return error "ErrPeerRejectedNoCapacity".

    // It returns a boolean value set to true if the peer was newly added to the Routing Table, false otherwise. // It also returns any error that occurred while adding the peer to the Routing Table. If the error is not nil, // the boolean value will ALWAYS be false i.e. the peer wont be added to the Routing Table it it's not already there. // // A return value of false with error=nil indicates that the peer ALREADY exists in the Routing Table.

  • deletion

    • when a remote peer is found not responding to an outbound query
    • refresh manager: remote peer can not be connected
    • handlePeerChangeEvent: remote is deemed as not qualified as a Kad peer


  • all buckets are initialized in the beginning
  • multiaddr embedded in kbuckets
  • insertion: when Kad protocol is confirmed with remote peer -> inboung/outbound protocol upgrade done
    • insert if there is room, pending if there is not
      • KademliaBucketInserts decide how to insert: OnConnected or Manual
    • update the addresses and status if the peer is already or pending in RT
  • deletion: manual only
  • update: when peer is found disconnected
    • always update the addresses and status
  • NoeStatus: impact how to insert a new peer into RT


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