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General-purpose osu! library


This package is hosted on crates.io. In order to include this library into your project, simply add this line into your Cargo.toml:

libosu = "*"

The following features are available through adding features in Cargo.toml, and are not included by default since they may bring in extra dependencies:

  • apiv1: Bindings for the osu! API v1.
  • apiv2: Bindings for the osu! API v2.
  • replay-data: Action data for osu! replay files (requires LZMA).

Getting Started

Check out the API Documentation for details on how to use the various functions, or check out some of the examples (pending).

Projects using libosu

If you have a project using libosu, open an issue with a brief description and I'll add it to the list!


Authors: Michael Zhang

License: MIT


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