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Rust bindings to libnv and nbpairs.

What's that?

This library is safe rust bindings to FreeBSD's Name/value pairs library (libnv). It's poor's man Map<&str,T> where T could one of a few lucky types.

FreeBSD's libnv is not the same as libnvpair from zfs project and hey aren't binary compatible. This library supports both. I have no intention of having 1:1 mapping with either of the libraries - I only implement what I need in libzetta, however, if you need something feel free to open an issue or send a PR.


If you have FreeBSD you already have library available in base system. On linux, you will have to figure it out on your own.

libnv is available on crates.io and can be included in your Cargo enabled project like this:

libnv= "0.4.2"


Read the docs.


Rust FFI bindings for FreeBSD's libnv library

These are raw, unsafe FFI bindings. Here be dragons! You probably shouldn't use this crate directly. Instead, you should use the libnv crate.


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