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sys libnftables-sys

FFI bindings for libnftables

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Jul 17, 2018

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libnftables Rust Bindings

License: GPL-2.0 Build Status Crates.io Version

The libnftables-sys crate provides declarations and linkage for the libnftables C library. The libnftables-sys crate provides minimal abstractions over the native libnftables library functions.


In order to use the libnftables-sys crate, you must have the libnftables library installed.


Add libnftables-sys as a dependency in Cargo.toml:

libnftables-sys = "0.1"

Import the libnftables_sys crate and use the functions as they're defined in the native libnftables library. You can also use the Nftables struct, a very thin layer on top of the native functions.

extern crate libnftables_sys;
use libnftables_sys::*;

fn main() {
    let mut nft = Nftables::new();

    let cmd = CStr::from_bytes_with_nul(b"list ruleset\0").unwrap();
    let (rc,output,error) = nft.run_cmd(cmd.as_ptr());

See the examples directory for complete examples.


This crate has the same license as libnftables, which is GPL version 2 only.


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