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sys libmqm-sys

Native bindings to the IBM® MQ Interface (MQI) and MQ Administration Interface (MQAI)

3 releases (breaking)

0.3.0 May 23, 2024
0.2.0 May 22, 2024
0.1.0 Apr 19, 2024

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Native bindings to the IBM® MQ Interface (MQI) and MQ Administration Interface (MQAI)

You can use libmqm-sys to:

  • Connect to an IBM MQ server to send and receive MQ messages through the MQI functions
  • Administer IBM MQ server through the MQAI functions

Functions provided in this crate are the raw unsafe functions exposed from the IBM provided library. Developers should build safe rust API wrappers over these functions.

Compile time dynamic linking and run-time dynamic linking is supported.


  1. Download and install the redistributable client from IBM: https://ibm.biz/mq93redistclients

  2. Install the client in /opt/mqm or another location.

  3. Set the MQ_HOME environment variable to the installed location.

  4. Add the following to your Cargo.toml

    libmqm-sys = "0.3.0"
  5. Use the crate in your source code:

use libmqm-sys as mqsys;


mod test {
    use std::ptr::addr_of_mut;
    use libmqm_sys::lib;

    fn connect() {
        unsafe {
            let mut hconn = lib::MQHC_DEF_HCONN;
            let mut comp_code = lib::MQCC_UNKNOWN;
            let mut reason = lib::MQRC_NONE;
            let mut qmgr: [i8; 48] = [b' '; 48]; // All spaces
            assert_eq!(reason, lib::MQRC_NONE, "MQRC");
            assert_eq!(comp_code, lib::MQCC_OK, "MQCC");
            lib::MQDISC(addr_of_mut!(hconn), addr_of_mut!(comp_code), addr_of_mut!(reason));

Feature flags

Feature Description
link (default) Support linking the MQ library at compile-time
bindgen (default) Generate the bindings from MQI library
dlopen2 Support loading the MQ library at run-time using dlopen2
mqai Expose the MQAI functions
pcf Generate the PCF structures
exits Generate the exit structures


The following needs further work:

  • Testing and support on MacOS.
  • Documentation.
  • Test and support older versions of MQI.
  • Add complex examples.


All feedback, suggestions, contributions and enhancements are welcome.


There are no guarantees of compatibility with any future versions of the crate; the API is subject to change based on feedback and enhancements. Relentless refactoring may occur before a stable crate is released.

This crate is provided as-is with no guarantees of support or updates.

This crate is not approved, endorsed, acknowledged, or supported by IBM. You cannot use IBM formal support channels (Cases/PMRs) for assistance on the use of this crate.


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