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app libenclave-tools

Tools for building and linking enclaves using libenclave

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.4 Nov 5, 2016
0.1.3 Jul 30, 2016
0.1.2 Jun 21, 2016
0.1.1 Jun 21, 2016
0.1.0 Apr 21, 2016

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Two tools are currently included in this package. link-sgxs will link a static libray based on libenclave and convert it to an SGXS file. cargo-build-enclave is a cargo subcommand that will run cargo build and then link-sgxs.

See also the Quick start guide.

Compiles with Rust nightly.

What's the deal with the licensing?

The intention of link-sgxs is that you use it to link enclaves you've written using libenclave. libenclave is licensed under the AGPL, so you will need to license those enclaves under AGPL as well. link-sgxs includes some AGPL code in all output enclaves, which is not an issue if you use it with libenclave, but it could be if you link enclaves not based on libenclave. You are of course free to modify link-sgxs to no longer link with that file (src/entry.S), which would eliminate the AGPL licensing requirement from that file. link-sgxs itself is licensed under the GPL.


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