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Productive Rust binding for Tesseract and Leptonica

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Productive and safe Rust bindings/wrappers for Tesseract and Leptonica.

Build dependencies

Make sure you have clang, Leptonica and Tesseract installed.

Tesseract should be version 4.0.0 or above.


sudo apt-get install libleptonica-dev libtesseract-dev clang

You will also need to install tesseract language data based on your OCR needs:

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr-eng


brew install tesseract leptonica


On Windows, this library uses Microsoft's vcpkg to provide tesseract.

Please install vcpkg and set up user wide integration or vcpkg crate won't be able to find the library.

To install tesseract:

REM from the vcpkg directory

REM 32 bit
.\vcpkg install tesseract:x86-windows

REM 64 bit
.\vcpkg install tesseract:x64-windows

To run the tests configure vcpkg-crate to find the tesseract library:

cargo test


let mut lt = leptess::LepTess::new(None, "eng").unwrap();
println!("{}", lt.get_utf8_text().unwrap());

For more examples, see docs and examples directory.

To run demos in examples directory, try:

cargo run --example low_level_ocr_full_page


To run tests, you will need at Tesseract 4.x to match what we have in tests/tessdata/eng.traineddata. See CircleCI config to see how to replicate the setup.