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Internationalization library of legacylisten.

The internationalization module of legacylisten was extracted and made to it's own crate – this one – to improve readability and reusability.

L10n is the central type of this crate, it's supposed to hold all language information of the program (although you can have multiple L10ns if you e.g. want multiple languages). It's write method prints the message given to it. Messages must implement the Message trait which converts an easy to use type to all the data that are needed under the hood.

L10ns are constructed out of a value that implements the Lang trait.

See legacylisten to see how this crate is best used.


As every software legacytranslate too always can be improved. While I'm trying to get it usable alone, I don't have unlimited time and especially not always the best ideas. If you can help with that or on some other way (like with a feature request or documentation improvements) please help.

I assume that unless stated otherwise every contribution follows the necessary license.


Though unusual for a rust program, legacytranslate is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

For more see LICENSE.md.


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