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Layout is a rust library and a stand alone utility that draws graphs. Layout can parse Graphviz dot files and render them.

Library Usage

Add the following to Cargo.toml:

layout-rs = "0.1.1" # or
layout-rs = { version = "0.1.1", features = ["log"] }

Load, parse and print the AST:

use layout::gv;

let contents = "digraph { a -> b [label=\"foo\"]; }";
let mut parser = gv::DotParser::new(&contents);

match parser.process() {
    Ok(g) => gv::dump_ast(&g),
    Err(err) => {
        # #[cfg(feature = "log")]
        log::error!("Error: {}", err);

The example above would print the program AST, or a readable error message, such as:

digraph {

node [fillcolor="purple"] A B;
node [fillcolor="orange"] Z;
node [fillcolor="green"] G; a = ;
Error: Expected an identifier.

Command Line Usage

Build the crate and render some dot files with the command

cargo run --bin run ./inputs/bk.dot -o output.svg

This section presents a few graphs that were rendered from dot files:

A simple graph.

A simple graph with multiple shapes and labels.

A graph with a few style properties.

A large graph that demonstrates the edge crossing elimination optimization.

Unicode, emoji and right-to-left languages:

Support for Records (nested structures):

Debug-mode rendering that helps to visualize the layout decisions:


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