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0.5.1 Feb 9, 2019
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0.4.1 Nov 28, 2018
0.4.0 May 16, 2018
0.1.0 Oct 22, 2017

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Ligtweight parser of C language for Rust users. Almost full support for C11 revision of the language. Several GCC and Clang extensions are also supported as an option.

extern crate lang_c;
use lang_c::driver::{Config, parse}; 

fn main() {
    let config = Config::default();
    println!("{:?}", parse(&config, "example.c"));


Just open an issue, bug reports and patches are most welcome.


Dual-licenced under Apache 2.0 or MIT licenses (see LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT for legal terms).


A number of external tools are used during development:

Parser (src/parser.rs) is built from a PEG grammar in grammar.rustpeg. It is updated manually and then committed, not generated on every build, thus no rust-peg in the list of dependencies.

For debugging purposes, it is handy to have a version rust-peg built with tracing enabled.

A makefile is used to script the development process:

  • make update parser, build the library and run the tests;
  • make trace rebuilds parser using rust-peg-trace, which is expected to be a version of rust-peg command with trace feature enabled
  • make check can be used as pre-commit git hook to make sure parser is up to date

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