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The worst text editor in existence, perfect for writing uwu-style cutesy text!

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0.2.1 Dec 9, 2021
0.2.0 Dec 8, 2021

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( ¯ ꒳ ¯)> Hewwo! Hav yu had this befowe?

I want to write cute text, but iwt isn't cute enough?????(๑`^´๑)プンプン

( ¯ ꒳ ¯)> Then I hav a sowution for yu!!!!!!!?!

キュン | The worst text editor yet

Made with Pain

Kyun is a low productivity, low fidelity, low customizablity text editor that has its focus firm on user discomfort - specifically made for writing uwu-style cutesy text. It is based on hecto, a great text editor for learning purposes, by Philipp Flenker and licensed under CC BY 4.0.



  • Helpful shortcuts to make your writing experience harder easier
  • Beauwtiful colors! (๑´ㅂ`๑)
  • Syntax Highlighting for Rust and the UwU++ programming language!
  • Unicode Art
  • Written in Rust (I'm so sorry)


Suppawted Platforms

Kyun is Cwoss-Platform, but tested for UNIX (specifically Arch) and Windows only. If you like, pwease try to extend the list! (´▽`)/



The easiest way to twy it out is downloading the binawy rewease. If you have cargo, you can simply execute

cargo install kyun


~26K SLoC