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Konpeito is a personal key-value store database that can be used to store anything.

It is written in Rust and is powered by sled. And is created as an offline replacement for Skate.

It works by storing data inside a sled database, encrypted using a key (using the private SSH key by default).


To store items:

konpeito set key value

If you want to store a file or something from stdin:

konpeito set key < file

To retrieve items:

konpeito get key

To delete keys:

konpeito delete key

To list all keys:

konpeito list


Simply install this crate

From source:

cargo install --path .

From crates.io:

cargo install konpeito


Konpeito Personal Key-value store Konpeito is a local encrypted key-value database that can be used to store any type of data. It is powered by sled and uses your SSH key by default.


To use Konpeito as a library and retrieve key/values

use konpeito::KeyStore;


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