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app kefia

A GUI for yaourt package manager on Arch systems

1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Jan 22, 2017

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MIT license

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Kefia is a GUI package manager based on Yaourt for Arch-based distributions.
Application is done mostly to illustrate usage of QML bindings for Rust and personal use.


Currently only:

  • Lists packages grouped by repo they came from.
  • View only packages in a selected group or a repository.
  • Select and deselect packages to form a string to copy somewhere else, for example to yaourt -Rns them

To be implemented:

  • Being able to perform certain actions on selected packages in kefia (e.g. delete them)
  • Perform system update (yaourt -Syua)
  • Update AUR packages (source their PKGBUILD to see if a new version is out).


Being able to build QML bindings for Rust (having Cmake, Qt, pkg-config, Rust) and pocessing an Arch-based distribution of Linux (since kefia works on top of yaourt) is enough.


For installation run cargo install kefia.



~76K SLoC