Cargo Features

Kalgan has no features set by default.

kalgan = { version = "0.9.1", features = ["full", "mailer", "session", "services", "test"] }
full = kalgan_i18n, mailer, services, session, sqlx, tera
mailer full? = lettre, tokio

Affects kalgan::service.mailer

session full? = kalgan_cache, uuid

Affects kalgan::service.csrf, kalgan::storage.session

services full? = argon2, rand, rand_core

Affects kalgan::service.password, kalgan::service.token


Affects request::Mock, response::Mock, kalgan::mock_settings, kalgan::mock_routes, kalgan::mock_i18n

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

argon2 services?

Enables default features of argon2 ^0.3.2

lettre mailer?

Enables smtp-transport, tokio1-rustls-tls, tokio1-native-tls and default features of lettre ^0.10.0-rc.4

rand services?

With default features

rand_core services?

With std

sqlx full?

Enables runtime-tokio-rustls, postgres, mysql, sqlite, offline and default features of sqlx ^0.5.10

Affects kalgan::service.db

tera full?

With default (builtins)

Affects response::render, response::error, kalgan::template, kalgan::set_tera_config

tokio mailer?

With full

uuid session?

Enables v4 and default (std) of uuid ^0.8

kalgan_i18n full?

Affects kalgan::service.i18n

kalgan_cache session?