A patched version of k4a-sys that builds on Linux. This will be deprecated when k4a-sys is bumped.

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0.2.3 Jan 19, 2021
0.2.2 Jan 19, 2021
0.2.1 Jan 17, 2021

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NOTE: This fork is a hack. Do not use.

This has been forked from Amedee's upstream k4a-sys to enable my work on Linux. If I were a better open source citizen, I'd reach out directly and help get a patched version uploaded to the crates registry, but I'm juggling too many things. (Sorry!)

If k4a-sys gets pushed beyond version 0.2.0, I'll deprecate and yank this crate.

The only thing of note being done here is changing the build.rs to reference the correct target. Amedee's main branch already has a fix, but I'm uploading my fork since I have multiple projects that depend on it in its current state.


A bingden wrapper for the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK, which should work on both Linux and Windows.

Vendors the compiled SDK libs from version 1.3.

On linux you need to install libk4a1.3 to be able to use libk4a.so and libdepthengine.so.

On windows you need to install the Sensor SDK to able to have the libdepthengine.dll.

One future wish is to statically compile the SDK into this library, which would require modifying the SDK's build to output a static library we could link against.

It also might be possible to compile libk4a from source in the future, but it looks time consuming.


There are two examples that match the SDK's. You can run them with eg:

cargo run --example enumerate
cargo run --example streaming

Future plans

I've started also planning on writing a safe Rust wrapper library, k4a-rs to allow Rust-idiomatic (not raw pointers!) access to the libraries. It will probably live in this repo and we'll move k4a-sys to a sub-directory here, the same way bzip2-rs and bzip2-sys work.

I think in the near future we'll remove bindgen from the list of dependencies and only run it every library update, that is, by hand/script instead of in the build.rs. This is because bindgen has ~60 dependencies, and should always generate the same output file anyways. (It's possible to make the output cross platform).

No runtime deps

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