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A tool to convert junitxml files to subunit v2

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Uses old Rust 2015

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1.0.0 Jun 12, 2018
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This repo contains a tool for converting junitxml files to the subunit v2 protocol.


junitxml2subunit is written in Rust, so you'll need to grab a Rust installation in order to compile it. Building is easy:

$ git clone https://github.com/mtreinish/junitxml2subunit
$ cd junitxml2subunit
$ cargo build --release


Once you've built junitxml2subunit running it is straightforward. The command takes a single argument the path to the junitxml file to convert. It will then print the subunit v2 stream for that file to STDOUT. For example:

$ junitxml2subunit results.xml

Optionally there is a -o/--output flag which can be used to write the subunit v2 stream to a file.


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