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Quickly take down notes and reminders

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0.1.0 Jul 16, 2017

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Jot is a command-line tool to quickly take down what's on your mind. Currently it only offers storing, viewing, and removing your jots, but expansion is planned.


Jot is written in Rust and can be built using Rust's build tool, cargo. As such, jot depends on cargo in order to be built, as well as some additional libraries:

  • SQLIte, as the choice of database;


sudo apt install cargo sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev


sudo eopkg in cargo sqlite3 sqlite3-devel


Jot stores its database and configuration file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/jot (defaults to $HOME/.config/jot). The configuration file must be valid toml. Valid keys are:

  • db_path: the path for the database file. Can use environment variables.
  • output_format: a format for jot list. Valid substitution values are %i for the jot index and %c for the content.
  • index_padding: how many digits to pad the jot index to with jot list.

See the sample configuration file for the defaults.


Jot's commands can be accessed using jot help.

  • jot add adds a new jot;
  • jot list shows all your jots;
  • jot remove deletes a jot;
  • jot edit allows you to update a jot.


See TODOs.org for the full list.

  • Entry and last-modified time stamps on each jot
  • Reminder notifications using inotify or similar


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