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jawn: jawn automates work now

Most people lead tremendously busy lives, where they end up with a ton of jawn to do. Personally, I got sick of doing so much by hand so I wrote jawn to help me deal with all my jawn. Hopefully this jawn, jawn, will help you.

Theory of operation

The central element of jawn is the Jawnfile. It contains a living definition of your jawn and serves as a catalog of jawn. If you have more jawn to do, add more jawn to the Jawnfile.

Jawn are expressed using a dead-simple DSL so straightforward, that even a Cowboys fan can figure it out. Each jawn in the Jawnfile is a single declaration followed by a newline. One line is one jawn.

Since jawn is written in Rust, it's actually quite performant and you'll notice jawn finishes almost instantaneously for workloads with less than 70-100 jawn.


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