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This crate contains low-level Rust bindings for the C ittapi library--you likely want to use the high-level Rust crate. The ittapi library is used for various aspects of Intel® profiling; it exposes the Instrumentation and Tracing Technology (ITT) API as well as the Just-In-Time (JIT) Profiling API. More details about ittapi are available on its README.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this crate is currently only tested on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms but support for other platforms is intended; contributions are welcome! FreeBSD is supported but untested.

If you are interested in using VTune to profile Rust applications, you may find the following guide helpful: Wasmtime Docs: Using VTune on Linux


ittapi-sys = "0.3"


cargo build

Building ittapi-sys will build the ittapi C library and link it statically into your application; see the build.rs file.

For Windows developers: this crate uses a symbolic link to access the C library it depends on. To modify this crate on Windows, either configure Git to understand POSIX symlinks or use the copy-c-library.ps1 script to temporarily copy the files.


cargo test

This crate's tests ensure the ittapi-sys bindings remain up to date with the official C header files; they do not check ittapi functionality.

Regenerate Bindings

If the ittapi-sys bindings are not up to date, they can be regenerated with:

BLESS=1 cargo test

The binding generation uses bindgen. An in-depth description of how to use bindgen is available in the bindgen documentation.

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