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Create implementing algorithms related to Isogeometric Analysis. Bezier, B-spline, NURBS, numerical integration and isogeometric approach to PDE approximation.

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Isogeometric Analysis

This crate is a working in progress. The idea is that it should contain a trivial implementation of the algorithms involved in the approximation of partial differential equations through an isogeometric approach. The crate includes trivial implementations of Bezier, B-spline and NURBS curves and surfaces, numerical integration and basic linear algebra.

The crate is a work in progress and currently only implements:

  • Bezier curves (direct method and De Casteljau's)
  • Bezier surfaces (direct method and De Casteljau's)
  • Rational Bezier curves
  • Rational Bézier circular arcs and circles


Examples can be found in the documentation, in the unit tests and in two other crates:


The library includes procedures to load data for the Utah teapot, teacup and teaspoon: https://github.com/rm-hull/newell-teapot. This is a demo of how patches are computed by the crate and rendered through gnuplot.

teapot teapot teapot

More Info

More info about Isogeometric Analysis and these topics can be downloaded from: https://bugfreeblog.duckdns.org/isogeometric-analysis.


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