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A tool to quickly organize photos imported from an iPhone

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1.3.0 Jan 4, 2023
1.2.4 Dec 5, 2022
1.2.3 Nov 20, 2022

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CLI Photo organizer

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This program can take all of the files in the DCIM folder of an iPhone and organize them following a directory structure like what follows:

├── 2021
│   ├── 11
│   │   ├── IMG_8000.jpg
│   │   └── IMG_8001.jpg
│   └── 12
│       ├── IMG_8002.jpg
│       └── IMG_8002.aae
└── 2022
    └── 01
        ├── IMG_8003.jpg
        └── IMG_8004.jpg


To install this application, you will need to have cargo from the Rust language. If you don't have it, you can refer to the installation instructions here.

Then you simply run the following command in your terminal:

$ cargo install iphone_organizer


The recommended first step is to copy the DCIM folder from your phone to your home directory.

You can use this program by opening a terminal, and typing the name of the command, the DCIM folder in your home directory, and a destination folder, such as ~/PhoneImport. Like this:

$ iphone_organizer ~/DCIM ~/PhoneImport

If you have edited any photos in your phone, the app will print the name of the corresponding .aae files.

$ iphone_organizer ~/DCIM ~/PhoneImport

There are a couple of flags available for the command, you can see them all by running the following command:

$ iphone_organizer --help
      iphone_organizer SOURCE DESTINATION [OPTIONS]

   -s | --skip     ) Skips all files that are already present at DESTINATION.
                     This is the default.

   -o | --override ) Replaces files already present at DESTINATION with the
                     version from SOURCE.

   -l | --lean     ) Remove files present at DESTINATION but not SOURCE.

   -h | --help     ) Prints this help information.

Version: 1.3.0, MIT License


This program and this repository are available under an MIT License.

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