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Intelligit is a tool that offers insight into your git repository by tracking changes to code symbols

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Show symbols in status

intelligit status

Find commits for a symbol

intelligit log

How does it work

Intelligit uses patterns to find meaningful symbols in the source code and tracks changes in the symbols. The patterns use tree-sitter to find symbols.

Intelligit has default patterns for

  • Rust
  • C#
  • OCaml
  • Toml
  • Json
  • Lua
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Go

Intelligit is extensible and adding new patterns is simple. See patterns for creating your own patterns.

For everything related to git, gitoxide is used.


The easiest way to install Intelligit is to use cargo

cargo install intelligit

*If you are using a pattern that does not use a precompiled parser, a C compiler is needed to compile the parser.

Integrating with other tools

Intelligit supports outputing json to make it easy to integrate with other tools.

Some projects

Project Status

Intelligit is currently in its early stages of development, and the project's direction is open to exploration.


If you have an idea or want to help please do :)


  • Intelligit does not handle building the history on different branches. As of now intelligit is oblivious to branches.


Intelligit is licensed under the MIT License


~5M SLoC