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InfluxDB Rust Client for Influx APIv2


This is the InfluxDB driver to be utilized with the Rust programming language. It is mainly ASYNC but will include future work to have synchronous actions as well. The driver is aimed to be used with the version 2 of the InfluxDB API. There can be backwards compatibility with the 1.x endpoints but that is not the true aim of this crate.


  • HTTP Client
    • Use Token Auth
  • Server
    • Ping
    • Get Version
    • Get Org ID
    • Determine Aditional Capabilities
  • Measurements
    • Delete Measurements
    • Add Points
    • Add Measurements
    • Add Fields
    • Add Timestamps
    • Determine Additional Capabilities
  • Bucket
    • Create Bucket
    • Delete Bucket
    • Change Bucket
    • Determine Additional Capbilities
  • Rocket.rs Database Driver
  • Queries
    • Flux Queries
    • Determine Additional Capabilities
  • Tests
    • Auth Integration
    • Auth Unit
    • Write Integration
    • Write Unit
  • Backwards Compatibility
    • Basic Auth
    • 1.x Endpoint Query



influxdb_rs = "0.2"


use influxdb_rs::Client;
use url::Url;
use chrono::prelude::*;

async fn main() {
    let client = Client::new(Url::parse("http://localhost:8086").unwrap(), "test_bucket", "test_org", "0123456789").await.unwrap();
    let now = Utc::now();

    let point = Point::new("temporary")
        .add_field("foo", "bar")
        .add_field("integer", 11)
        .add_field("float", 22.3)
        .add_field("'boolean'", false)

    let result = client.write_point(point, Some(Precision::Seconds), None).await;
    if result.is_err(){
        // Error!

    let later = Utc::now().to_rfc3339().to_string();

    client.drop_measurement("temporary", &now.to_rfc3339(), &later).await.unwrap();


InfluxDB APIv2 API Document


  • OSS 2.3
  • OSS 2.2
  • OSS 2.1


Because influxdbclient-rs only supported the 1.x version. I ended up reading influxdb2-client and influxdb-client-go source code and then wrote a library for 2.x API version for support for my own use. influxdb2-client; although functioning, was not published to crates so I opted to build my own. Enjoy!


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