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A bidirectional set whose entries can either be accessed via an index or via hashing

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This crate provides a bidirectional set with the following properties:

  • Each entry is distinct (no double elements).
  • Entries can be accessed by reference, like in a standard HashSet.
  • Entries can be accessed via indices avoiding the cost of hashing the element.
  • Indices are reference-counted. This means when no external index is around an entry is considered unused and will be dropped on drop_unused().
  • Internal a [generational arena] is used to allow for effective mutation of the set.

When to use

This data structure was developed to be a store for nodes in a graph. The design allows a graph to store the indexes of nodes while nodes can be looked up by hashing them.


This is only a small side project so I won't spend much time on perfecting the code. However, I'm happy if this is used by someone else. If you have any problems or questions file an issue or make a PR.


This crate is licensed under the MIT license.