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A renderer for imgui-rs using Vulkano that also works with UnsafeCommandBufferBuilder

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0.6.1 Feb 22, 2021
0.5.1 Feb 4, 2021
0.5.0 Feb 2, 2021

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A vulkano-based renderer for imgui-rs.

Warning: I've only used this renderer in a few examples and a couple projects, so there are likely some issues, but it seems to work with basic ImGui usage.

Supports imgui-rs version 0.6.0 and vulkano version 0.19.0.

Note: Currently vulkano-win, the vulkano winit integration, only supports winit 0.22.2 while imgui-winit-support by default uses winit 0.23.0. To make them compatible, enable the winit-22 feature in the imgui-winit-support crate.


The Renderer struct is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the equivalent in imgui-glium-renderer and imgui-gfx-renderer (from the imgui-rs repository), modulo the API-specific context arguments (the Vulkano Device and Queue structs).


use imgui_vulkano_renderer::Renderer;

let mut renderer = Renderer::init(
    &mut imgui_ctx,


Use the Renderer::draw_commands function to update buffers and

let ui = imgui_ctx.frame();

// ... UI elements created here

let draw_data = ui.render();

let mut cmd_buf_builder = AutoCommandBufferBuilder::new(device.clone(), graphics_queue.family()).unwrap();

// add Vulkan commands to a command buffer. Here a new command buffer is used, but you can also append to an existing one.
renderer.draw_commands(&mut cmd_buf_builder, graphics_queue.clone(), target_image.clone(), draw_data).unwrap();

let cmd_buf = cmd_buf_builder.build().unwrap();


The font altas texture are reloaded with the following:

renderer.reupload_font_texture(&mut imgui_ctx, device.clone(), queue.clone());

Textures used in your UI are looked up in an imgui::Textures struct, which can be accessed with Renderer::textures.


I rewrote a couple of examples from imgui-rs to show basic usage (most of them only needed setup changes to the System struct in examples/support/mod.rs). They can be run with:

cargo run --example hello_world
cargo run --example custom_textures


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