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Rust binary to scan a directory tree for images and collect their coordinates from EXIF

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Command line utility to gather EXIF location data

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This executable can scan a directory tree on your disk, find all images with EXIF data containing coordinates, and collect them into a single file. Output can be either GeoJSON (default), or KML. JSON also contains the timestamp the image was taken, and the camera direction, if available in EXIF. Use --thumbnails to add base64-encoded thumbnails to the GeoJSON output.


cargo install img_coords

, or download the binaries for your platform from the release

, or checkout and build the repo manually


cargo uninstall img_coords


Write a KML file to STDOUT:

img_coords scan --dir SOME_ROOT_DIRECTORY --format kml --thumbnails

Use a previously generated KML file and only scan/add files not in there:

img_coords scan --dir SOME_ROOT_DIRECTORY --format kml --update EXISTING.KML

Use find command (can be faster than the build-in scan command in some cases) to generate a file list:

find SOME_ROOT_DIRECTORY | img_coords import --format kml

Run img_coords or img_coords scan to get help.


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