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Rust API Client for ImageKit.io a file storage and image processing service

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You must retrieve your Public and Private Keys from the ImageKit Developer Options.

Then create an instance of ImageKit and initialize the client.

use imagekit::ImageKit;
use imagekit::delete::Delete;
use imagekit::upload::types::FileType;
use imagekit::upload::{Options, Upload, UploadFile};
use tokio::fs::File;

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let mut image_kit = ImageKit::new(

    // Upload an image from File
    let file = File::open("assets/ferris.jpeg").await.unwrap();
    let opts = Options::new(upload_file, "ferris");
    let upload_result = imagekit.upload(opts).await.unwrap();

    // Delete a file
    let delete_result = imagekit.delete(upload_result.file_id).await;


The main goal of this crate is to support the main three functionalities provided by ImageKit. URL Generation, File Upload and File Management.

The following list, provides a closer view to supported features and planned features which are not yet implemented. Feel free to contribute by opening an issue, pull request or discussion.

  • URL Generation
  • File Upload (File Upload API)
    • From tokio::fs::File (Binary)
    • From std::fs::File (Binary)
    • From URL
    • From Base64
  • File Management
    • List Files
    • Search Files
    • Get File Details
    • Get File Versions
    • Get File Metadata
    • Custom Metadata Fields
      • Create
      • List
      • Update
      • Delete
    • Delete File
    • Update File Details
    • Tags
      • Bulk Addition
      • Bulk Deletion
    • AI Tags
      • Bulk Deletion
    • Delete File Version
    • Bulk Delete Files
    • Copy File
    • Move File
    • Rename File
    • Restore File Version
    • Folders
      • Create
      • Copy
      • Delete
      • Move
    • Bulk Job Status
    • Cache
    • Purge

If you notice theres missing features in this list, please open an issue or PR.


In order to create a release you must push a Git tag as follows

git tag -a <version> -m <message>


git tag -a v0.1.0 -m "First release"

Tags must follow semver conventions Tags must be prefixed with a lowercase v letter.

Then push tags as follows:

git push origin main --follow-tags


Every contribution to this project is welcome. Feel free to open a pull request, an issue or just by starting this project.


As most Rust projects, this crate is licensed under both, the Apache License and the MIT License.


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