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Image comparison library based upon the image crate. Currently it provides SSIM and RMS for comparing grayscale and rgb images, a cool hybrid compare as well as several grayscale histogram distance metrics. All with a friendly license.

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Simple image comparison in rust based on the image crate

Note that this crate is heavily work in progress. Algorithms are neither cross-checked not particularly fast yet. Everything is implemented in plain CPU with rayon multithreading. SIMD is under investigation on a feature branch (simd-experimental).

Supported now:

  • Comparing grayscale and rgb images by structure
    • By RMS - score is calculated by:
    • By MSSIM
      • SSIM is implemented as described on wikipedia:
      • MSSIM is calculated by using 8x8 pixel windows for SSIM and averaging over the results
    • RGB type images are split to R,G and B channels and processed separately.
      • The worst of the color results is propagated as score but a float-typed RGB image provides access to all values.
      • As you can see in the gherkin tests this result is not worth it currently, as it takes a lot more time
      • It could be improved, by not just propagating the individual color-score results but using the worst for each pixel
      • This approach is implemented in hybrid-mode, see below
    • "hybrid comparison"
      • Splitting the image to YUV colorspace according to T.871
      • Processing the Y channel with MSSIM
      • Comparing U and V channels via RMS
      • Recombining the differences to a nice visualization image
      • Score is calculated as:
      • This allows for a good separation of color differences and structure differences
  • Comparing grayscale images by histogram
    • Several distance metrics implemented see OpenCV docs:
      • Correlation
      • Chi-Square
      • Intersection
      • Hellinger distance


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