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An implementation of a persistent unrolled linked list and vlist. This linked list is implemented with a backing of either Arc or Rc, for single or multi-threaded environments. The single threaded list can be found as a List, and the thread-safe implementation can be found as a SharedList. It is generic over smart pointer - so if you would like to use this with a custom smart pointer (i.e. something like a Gc) then you can do so.

An unrolled linked list is a linked list where each node contains a vector of elements. While the algorithmic complexity is the same as a normal naive linked list, storing elements in vectors improves cache locality and also gives practical speed ups on common operations. A Vlist is like an unrolled linked list, however the vector capacity in each node grows exponentially. This also means that operations that need to iterate over nodes run in O(log(n)) time.


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