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A simple Wifi CLI wrapper over the long and tedious nmcli using wifiscanner

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1.2.0 Jan 6, 2023
1.0.3 Jun 8, 2021
1.0.1 Jun 6, 2021

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ifwifi - A simple wrapper over nmcli using wifiscanner made in rust.

I felt bothered because I never remember the long and tedious command line to setup my wifi interface. So, I wanted to develop something using rust to simplify the usage of nmcli, and I met the wifiscanner project that gave me almost everything I wanted to create this tool.

Command line:

  • ifwifi help - Help menu with the few options provided by this tool
  • ifwifi scan - It will scan the wifi available in your area
  • ifwifi connect --interface IFACE --password PASSWORD --ssid SSID - Set the wifi

Terminal example: alt text

How to build:

  • cargo build --release


Crate published at: https://crates.io/crates/ifwifi

Tested on:

  • Fedora Linux 34
  • Ubuntu 18.04


BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License


~193K SLoC