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icu_collections crates.io

Efficient collections for Unicode data.

This module is published as its own crate (icu_collections) and as part of the icu crate. See the latter for more details on the ICU4X project.

ICU4X CodePointTrie provides a read-only view of CodePointTrie data that is exported from ICU4C. Detailed information about the design of the data structure can be found in the documentation for the CodePointTrie struct.

ICU4X CodePointInversionList provides necessary functionality for highly efficient querying of sets of Unicode characters. It is an implementation of the existing ICU4C UnicodeSet API.

ICU4X Char16Trie provides a data structure for a space-efficient and time-efficient lookup of sequences of 16-bit units (commonly but not necessarily UTF-16 code units) which map to integer values. It is an implementation of the existing ICU4C UCharsTrie / ICU4J CharsTrie API.

More Information

For more information on development, authorship, contributing etc. please visit ICU4X home page.