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SPI-based SRAM programmer for Lattice iCE40 family FPGAs

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0.1.1 Mar 6, 2023
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SPI-based SRAM programmer for Lattice iCE40 family FPGAs.


This works like iceprog but does not require an FTDI chip as provided on the usual development boards. It uses GPIO lines and an SPI device through the spidev and gpiochip Linux kernel drivers, using the spidev and gpiod-rs crates.


You need the following:

  • An SPI port driven by spidev, of which
    • The SCK (clock) line is connected to the SPI_SCK pin of the iCE40
    • The MOSI (or data out) line is connected to the SPI_SI pin of the iCE40
  • Two GPIO lines
    • One connected to the SS_B pin
    • One connected to the CREST pin

The SPI slave select line is NOT used because that signal needs to stay low during the transfers. In normal SPI usage, the slave select line is released between packets (bytes).

However on many devices you can configure the pins you see fit, so you could use a pin labeled SS as a GPIO pin.

Example using a Beaglebone Black and the Lattice iCE40HX8K breakout board

Modifications to the board

  • Remove all jumpers
  • Remove R1,R4,R5 and R6 using a hot air gun or heated tweezers
  • Solder +5V and ground wires. There is a large 5V trace under the USB connector on the opposide side of the PCB, scrape the solder mask to get to the copper. Find a convenient ground point.
  • Solder wires to the northmost pads of R1 (to get SCK), R4 (to get SS_B), R5 (to get CDONE) and R6 (to get CREST)
  • Pull up CDONE to VCCIO (the voltage used for SPI, typically 3.3V)
  • Connect SDO to pin 4 of J6 (Northwest)

Pin configuration

Configure your pins as follows. I recommend placing 100 to 150 ohm series resistors for protection and signal integrity near the Beaglebone.

config-pin P9.17 gpio
config-pin P9.18 spi
config-pin P9.21 spi
config-pin P9.22 spi_sclk
config-pin P9.23 gpio

Connect them as follows:

BBone pin Type iCE40 pin
P9.2 Ground GND

Run the command:

./iceprogrs --bitstream blinky.bin --spi-speed 5000000

Works at 5 MHz with 20 to 30 cm worth of improvised wires.


Berke DURAK bd@exhrd.fr


~36K SLoC