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iap is a rust library for verifying receipt information for purchases made through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Current Features

  • Validating receipt data received from Unity's IAP plugin to verify subscriptions and if they are valid and not expired
  • Helper functions to receive response data from Google/Apple for more granular error handling or validation

Supported Transaction Types

  • Subscriptions
  • Consumables

Coming Features

  • Non-subscription purchase types
  • Manual input of data for verification not received through Unity IAP


For simple validation of Unity IAP receipts

You can receive a PurchaseResponse which will simply tell you if a purchase is valid (and not expired if a subscription) by creating a UnityPurchaseValidator.

use iap::*;

const APPLE_SECRET: &str = "<APPLE SECRET>";
const GOOGLE_KEY: &str = "<GOOGLE KEY JSON>";

pub async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let validator = UnityPurchaseValidator::default()

    // RECEIPT_INPUT would be the Json string containing the store, transaction id, and payload
    // from Unity IAP. ie:
    // "{ \"Store\": \"GooglePlay\", \"TransactionID\": \"<Txn ID>\", \"Payload\": \"<Payload>\" }"
    let unity_receipt = UnityPurchaseReceipt::from(&std::env::var("RECEIPT_INPUT")?)?;

    let response = validator.validate(&unity_receipt).await?;

    println!("PurchaseResponse is valid: {}", response.valid);


If you wanted more granular control and access to the response from the store's endpoint, we provide helper functions to do so.

For the Play Store:

pub async fn validate(receipt: &UnityPurchaseReceipt) -> error::Result<PurchaseResponse> {
    let response = fetch_google_receipt_data(receipt, "<GOOGLE_KEY>").await?;

    // debug or validate on your own with the data in the response
    println!("Expiry data: {}", response.expiry_time);

    // or just simply validate the response

For the App Store:

pub async fn validate(receipt: &UnityPurchaseReceipt) -> error::Result<PurchaseResponse> {
    let response = fetch_apple_receipt_data(receipt, "<APPLE_SECRET>").await?;

    // was this purchase made in the production or sandbox environment
    println!("Environment: {}", response.environment.clone().unwrap());



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