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Allocator interface traits for Rust

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Raison d'être

  • Why not core::alloc::Allocator / allocator_api?
    • 7+ years unstabilized and counting.
    • I want container allocations this decade, thanks!
    • We can aim to be compatible and interopable with it, if/when it stabilizes, or via separate nightly crates.
  • Why not core::alloc::GlobalAlloc?
    • Win32 FreeSid has no equivalent arbitrary allocation function to implement GlobalAlloc::alloc with.
    • bgfx::alloc has no equivalent arbitrary free function to implement GlobalAlloc::dealloc with.
    • Split alloc/free/realloc traits will help avoid bugs and misuse!
    • That said, we can aim to be compatible and interopable with it.
  • Rust-style traits are annoying to adapt to C-style allocators. This provides more C-friendly traits as options.

Out of scope

  • NUMA? Although ask again later.
  • Physical GPU memory allocation, probably. Might warrant a related crate?
  • ID/handle allocation, perhaps. Might warrant a related crate?


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