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HTTP status codes for galera cluster

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This helps to check the galera cluster using HAProxy - option httpchk which queries the galera node and gets its current state from: SHOW STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_local_state';

if wsrep_local_state == 4 it will return HTTP 200 OK, otherwise HTTP 503 Service Unavailable

The posible values for wsrep_local_state are:

Num Comment Description
1 Joining Node is joining the cluster
2 Donor/Desynced Node is the donor to the node joining the cluster
3 Joined Node has joined the cluster
4 Synced Node is synced with the cluster

HAProxy example

backend galera
    mode tcp
    option httpchk
    default-server check port 9200
    server node0
    server node1
    server node2


You need to run httpwsrep in each galera node preferably using a supervisor, for example if using immortal you could create /usr/local/etc/immortal/httpwsrep.yml with something like this:

cmd: /path/to/httpwsrep
    DSN: mysql://haproxy@tcp(
    file: /var/log/httpwsrep.log

a valid mysql user needs to be created, in this case the user is haproxy

By default port 9200 is used but if required can change it using option --port


You can use Prometheus and query the endpoint: /metrics


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