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An unofficial Honeybadger Rust client


Honeybadger is a service that receives, stores and alerts on application errors and outages. This library is a community-provided client for the Honeybadger Exceptions API.

Underneath, the client uses a Tokio-based version of Hyper, and leverages ErrorChain to support backtraces. Basic support for the Failure Error struct exists through a From trait, and hence the possibility for further compatibility with other custom Error implementations.


Assuming the project is setup to use ErrorChain, the following example will execute code in do_work, send a honeybadger exception if it fails, and subsequently end the program.

use tokio::prelude::*;
use tokio::prelude::future::result;
use tokio::runtime::run;

fn do_work() -> Result<()> {

  // write code ...


// let api_token = "...";
let config = ConfigBuilder::new(api_token).build();
let mut hb = Honeybadger::new(config).unwrap();

let work = result(do_work())
  .or_else(move |e| result(hb.create_payload(&e, None))
                      .and_then(move |payload| hb.notify(payload)))
  .map_err(|e| println!("error = {:?}", e));


License: MIT


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