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generate all homoglyphs for a given input sentence

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Generate all homoglyphs for a given input sentence.

An homoglyph is one of two or more graphemes, characters, or glyphs with shapes that appear identical or very similar. The designation is also applied to sequences of characters sharing these properties.

The Unicode character set contains many strongly homoglyphic characters known as "confusables". These present security risks in a variety of situations. One might deliberately spoof a domain name by replacing one character with its homoglyph, thus creating a second domain name, not readily distinguishable from the first, that can be exploited in phishing. - Wikiepdia


cargo install homoglyphs


Generate all possible homoglyphs with all the confusable characters

homoglyphs -a "rust"

Generate homoglyphs with default settings (100 homoglyphs, 8 confusables for each characters of input sentence)

homoglyphs "rust is nice"

Generate 'n' homoglyphs

homoglyphs -n 3000 "rust is awesome"

Generate homoglyphs possible for the given number of confusable

homoglyphs -n 3000 "rust is incredible"

Try to generate a maximum of 'n' homoglyphs with 'c' confusable for each characters of input sentence

homoglyphs -n 500 -c 6 "rust is the best"

Print output in different format

In array with ascii, empty, markdown, modern and psql styles

homoglyphs -n 25 "rust is the best" -f markdown

In json or just raw

homoglyphs -n 25 "rust is the best" -f json


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