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Core module for Hassium home automation engine

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A home automation engine, using HTML5 + WASM at it's core.

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Project Setup
  3. Building for development and production
  4. Roadmap


  1. Make sure that you have latest node.js with npm tools installed (https://nodejs.org/)
  2. Make sure that you have latest wasm-pack toolset installed (https://rustwasm.github.io/wasm-pack/installer/)
  3. Make sure that you have latest hassium-ignite application installed (from project repository releases)

Project Setup

Create a new Hassium home automation engine project with hassium-ignite:

cd /path/to/parent/
hassium-ignite new 'project-name'

Which will create a new home automation project using defaults (the web-composite-smarthome preset.)

Then you have to go to your project directory and run npm install to install all nodejs dependencies.

Note, You can also create projects with different presets: desktop-headless-smarthome (a backend, server-like project without graphics.)


cd /path/to/parent/
hassium-ignite new 'project-name' -p desktop-headless-smarthome

You can also specify the directory in which to create the new project:

hassium-ignite new 'project-name' -d /path/to/parent/

Building for development and production

  • Launch live development with hot reloading (app will be automatically recompiled in background):
npm start
  • Build production distribution (will be available in /dist folder):
npm run build
  • Build crate without of running dev env:
cargo build --all


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