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Scene graph type hierarchy abstraction for use with specs

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Scene graph type hierarchy abstraction for use with specs.

Builds up a Hierarchy resource, by querying a user supplied Parent component. Requires the component to be Tracked.

Will send modification events on an internal EventChannel. Note that Removed events does not mean the Parent component was removed from the component storage, just that the Entity will no longer be considered to be a part of the Hierarchy. This is because the user may wish to either remove only the component, the complete Entity, or something completely different. When an Entity that is a parent gets removed from the hierarchy, the full tree of children below it will also be removed from the hierarchy.


# Cargo.toml
specs-hierarchy = "0.5.1"


use specs::prelude::{Component, DenseVecStorage, Entity, FlaggedStorage};
use specs_hierarchy::{Hierarchy, Parent as HParent};

/// Component for defining a parent entity.
/// The entity with this component *has* a parent, rather than *is* a parent.
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Eq, Ord, PartialEq, PartialOrd)]
pub struct Parent {
    /// The parent entity
    pub entity: Entity,

impl Component for Parent {
    type Storage = FlaggedStorage<Self, DenseVecStorage<Self>>;

impl HParent for Parent {
    fn parent_entity(&self) -> Entity {


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