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A simple async Rust client library for interacting with Home Assistant websocket API.

Test environment

Connect to your Home Assistant server, or follow the instructions from the Instalation Guide.
For development, docker can be used to easily bootstrap a test environment.

Steps to run the provided Examples:

  • Clone the hass_rs github repository
  • Run the homeassistant server in a docker container
docker run -d --name="home-assistant" -v /PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro --net=host homeassistant/home-assistant:stable
  • Login to Home Assistant web interface: http://localhost:8123/
  • Go to Profile --> Long-Lived Access Tokens and create a token to be used by hass_rs client
  • Set the environment variable export HASS_TOKEN=<YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>
  • Run the example scripts:
    • cargo run --example get_cmds
    • cargo run --example call_service
    • cargo run --example subscribe_event
    • cargo run --example get_cmds_async_std --features use-async-std --no-default-features - example with async-std runtime

Example usage

Check the Example folder for additional details on how to use various hass-rs functions.

use hass_rs::client::HassClient;

use async_tungstenite::tungstenite::{Error, Message};
use futures_util::{
    stream::{SplitSink, SplitStream},
    SinkExt, StreamExt,
use lazy_static::lazy_static;
use std::env::var;
use tokio::io::{AsyncRead, AsyncWrite};
use tokio::sync::{mpsc, mpsc::Receiver, mpsc::Sender};
use tokio_tungstenite::{connect_async, WebSocketStream};

lazy_static! {
    static ref TOKEN: String =
        var("HASS_TOKEN").expect("please set up the HASS_TOKEN env variable before running this");

async fn ws_incoming_messages(
    mut stream: SplitStream<WebSocketStream<impl AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin>>,
    to_user: Sender<Result<Message, Error>>,
) {
    loop {
        while let Some(message) = stream.next().await {
            let _ = to_user.send(message).await;

async fn ws_outgoing_messages(
    mut sink: SplitSink<WebSocketStream<impl AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin>, Message>,
    mut from_user: Receiver<Message>,
) {
    loop {
        match from_user.recv().await {
            Some(msg) => sink.send(msg).await.expect("Failed to send message"),
            None => continue,

async fn main() {
    let url = "ws://localhost:8123/api/websocket";

    println!("Connecting to - {}", url);
    let (wsclient, _) = connect_async(url).await.expect("Failed to connect");
    let (sink, stream) = wsclient.split();

    //Channels to recieve the Client Command and send it over to Websocket server
    let (to_gateway, from_user) = mpsc::channel::<Message>(20);
    //Channels to receive the Response from the Websocket server and send it over to Client
    let (to_user, from_gateway) = mpsc::channel::<Result<Message, Error>>(20);

    // Handle incoming messages in a separate task
    let read_handle = tokio::spawn(ws_incoming_messages(stream, to_user));

    // Read from command line and send messages
    let write_handle = tokio::spawn(ws_outgoing_messages(sink, from_user));

    let mut client = HassClient::new(to_gateway, from_gateway);

        .expect("Not able to autheticate");

    println!("WebSocket connection and authethication works\n");

    println!("Getting the Config:\n");
    let cmd2 = client
        .expect("Unable to retrieve the Config");
    println!("config: {}\n", cmd2);

    // Await both tasks (optional, depending on your use case)
    let _ = tokio::try_join!(read_handle, write_handle);

Development status

  • Create the client
    • Automatic reconnection (TBD)
    • Authenticate using long-lived access tokens
    • Authenticate using OAuth2 (TBD)
  • Call a service
  • Subscribe
    • Events
    • Config (you need this?, raise an Issue)
    • Services (you need this?, raise an Issue)
  • UnSubscribe
  • Fetch Commands
    • Fetching states
    • Fetching config
    • Fetching services
    • Fetching panels
    • Fetching media player thumbnails (you need this?, raise an Issue)
  • Ping - Pong


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